Many people don't know that mediation can have many benefits, including in the context of a court case. These people don't know the potential benefits of the legal system. Others are unaware of the immense benefits mediation can and will bring to them, rather than losing in court. It is also easier nowadays to look for a winning business negotiation strategy.

Circuit Civil Mediation - Steve Ellis

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Mediation isn't a formal proceeding in a courtroom, so it might be cheaper than the drama and glitter of courtroom "win-lose". Mediation is one step below sitting in court before an angry judge who wants to decide who wins and who loses. 

Mediation will take less time. The cases are longer and courtroom time is more intensive. While mediation is more flexible, the court's schedule is more rigid. Mediation is less stressful than the courtroom, which is more rigid and time-consuming.

Many mediators will use a flat fee structure, which is established upfront. A lawyer, on the other hand, may charge an hourly fee that is not known until the end of the case. A variety of fees may be required for mediation depending on the type of action being taken. 

You should also be aware of fees charged by professional litigators such as lawyers. It is obvious that mediators are more easily accessible than lawyers. 

Mediation results in increased communication quality and quantity, whereas lawyers may only be able to communicate with the parties. Mediation allows for creativity and a tailor-made solution by the parties, without confusing the legalese from the lawyers.