The exhaust system is rarely seen among the mechanical components of a car. Part of the exhaust system is the mufflers which when used together can add horsepower to your car. The exhaust system is basically a system of pipes used to direct the exhaust gases from the engine, which travels in the exhaust and out. You can get more information about exhaust systems via this source: XForce XForce Exhausts and Systems.

Here are some steps to install a cat-back exhaust system:-

1. Lift the rear of the vehicle so that you can climb under it. Analyze the design of each part that makes up your exhaust before starting. If you plan to begin at the catalytic converter exhaust manifold or crossover pipe, ensure to purchase the appropriate components before getting rid of the exhaust system you have been using for years.

2. Unbolt the exhaust system of the past starting from the rear of your car and move forward. The bolts typically are old and are difficult to remove unless you're equipped with the aid of an impact weapon. 

3. Take all of the components of the exhaust system that you are planning to replace. 

4. Based on the kind of hangers you have mounted on your car, you can place new hangers on those exhaust components first. This is typically the easiest procedure to put the pieces back onto.

5. If you don't have new gaskets that you can place between the pipe sections, you can purchase new gaskets or use older ones if they're the right size. It is recommended to buy new gaskets in order to prevent the possibility of leakage from the exhaust after.

6. Examine all the bolts and ensure that they are snug.

7. Get the car started and check for leaks you may notice.