This trend is gaining momentum in the elite luxury small ship cruising industry. It's being adopted by both corporate companies and individuals looking for something unique that will leave their guests talking for years to come. You can click over here to find the best party planning services.

For private functions such as weddings and anniversaries, family celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, company meetings, or social events, small motor yachts can be rented.

  • These yachts are the ideal venue for small intimate events. They have a friendly, professional crew and can be fully furnished.
  • For pleasure seekers, yacht charters are available around the globe. There are also many famous islands that you can choose from.
  • A celebration on board one of these floating hotels for your child's sixteenth birthday will be a memorable experience for them and their guests.

10 Ideas for a Memorable Anniversary Celebration

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  • You can choose to party on the boat or to cruise to a particular destination such as an island and then drop anchor to start your celebrations. You and your guests will remember this memorable event for many years.
  • Couples choose to marry on a cruise ship because they can reserve a private, luxurious, small vessel for themselves and their wedding party. It's intimate and absolutely stunning!

Many couples choose to honeymoon together. This is an ideal situation for couples who want their family and friends to join them on their honeymoon. Some couples arrange for a double honeymoon and wedding.

It can be fun to bring others along, but you have your own space for more intimate moments. You can also choose to share this momentous occasion with your closest friends.