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Why Skydiving Is The Number 1 Extreme Sport

It is a bold statement to make that skydiving is the number 1 of all extreme sports but many would say that it certainly is a heart-pumping, thrill seekers activity that is becoming more and more popular.

The term extreme sport is a fairly general term and actually covers a wide range of various sports and activities most of which include something to do with speed, heights and with a high level of adrenalin associated with it.

When people think of the words extreme or adventure generally the first though is skydiving. After all, what could have higher speeds and heights with a high level of adrenalin than jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft with nothing but a parachute? You can also get the best uspa a license training via

Basically the sport of skydiving refers to jumping out of a plane from around 8,000 feet and higher (in some cases much higher) with nothing but parachute creating a freefall experience before opening a parachute where the participant then floats gently down to the ground.

For the majority skydivers, especially first time sky divers the nerves kick in well before taking off in the old rickety plane which adds to the excitement of the jump as well as gives them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once they land on the ground.

The freefall itself can create speeds of up to around 200 kilometres per hour (124 miles per hr) so is by no means a slow ride. The free fall itself doesn't last all that long although it may give the illusion of slowing down time.

Many skydivers do argue that the fall doesn't feel like freefalling at all as you are so high up in the air that you feel as though you are just floating gracefully plus the fact that you are not moving past stationary objects which would show your mind just how fast you are travelling. For that kind of freefall experience you would need to look at something like bungee jumping.

Although many out there dread the feeling of jumping out of a plane there are hundreds of thousands of people who take up the challenge of skydiving to try it out or prove they are one of the brave few.

And there are those who cannot stop skydiving once they start. Adrenalin is addictive and so is the feeling of being free as a bird. Often people feel the need to return to the air to make another jump perhaps higher up, solo or to experience the accelerated freefall.

How to Master Organic Chemistry

The study of organic chemistry has become very important because of its importance for many work-oriented fields. Every field of medicine requires in-depth knowledge. If you want to take the best online chemistry classes then you can pop over to this website.

Indeed, any career in the chemical industry will be without beginning without in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry.

Many students take multiple organic chemistry courses (Orgo Chem). However, the dropout rate in the first semester is very high – almost 60-70 percent. The main reason for poor grades is that students often try to cram the class instead of trying to understand the topic well. Because Orgo Chem has such a wide range, it is impossible to remember and therefore after a while the packaging becomes self-destructive.

The focus of the Orgo Chem study should be on understanding the topic, strengthening the knowledge gained, and relating it to various examples. Several aspects that can help students become proficient in these subjects include:

Familiarize yourself with important concepts from a general chemistry course. This will help you build a solid foundation for organic chemistry. They are as follows:

  • Periodic table and important periodic trends such as electronegativity and electron affinity.
  • Lewis Dot Structures, VSEPR Structures, and Formal Cost Calculations.
  • Resonance and hybrid structure.