Most people think that an online CPR course is a hands-on activity and would not be inclined to learn such an important activity online. While this attitude is understandable, it ignores the opportunities that online CPR courses offer. 

Several people have successfully completed online CPR courses and proven themselves competent in this life-saving skill. Online courses can provide many aspects of CPR training that translate well to online training.

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Whether you learn CPR in person or online, much of the training revolves around memorization. The science behind CPR, correct hand placement on the body, and the sequence of procedural steps remain the same regardless of the training method. 

Some people learn better by reading about something than they actually do, so an online CPR course would be useful for this type of learner. A good online course teaches students the facts and steps of CPR, which means that listening to a live instructor present the same information is no more or less beneficial to the student.

People often lead busy lives and intend to learn CPR at some point when they have time. Life is a roadblock and that time never comes until a situation arises where you need to know about CPR but haven't learned how to do it. 

Online courses are ideal for people as students can learn how to perform CPR in their own time and at their own pace. Some online CPR courses can even be started and completed in the student's free time, meaning stay-at-home parents can learn CPR while their baby is sleeping.