Companies like Bosterbio have proudly cared for more than 10,000 scientists since 2002. If you cannot find an antibody from their extensive antibody catalogue that meets your research needs, their in-house antibody service team can help.

With this custom antibody production service, you can take advantage of their own gene/peptide/protein production technology to provide you with the best custom antibody production at an affordable price. Their team of experts can guide you from project design to antigen selection so that you can make the best choices to meet your research objectives. 

Many of their consumer antibody packs carry no guaranteed risk. You will not be charged at all if we cannot produce antibodies. 

Various types of presynaptic inhibition of skin afferents and their behavioral functions

  • A highlight in the service for the production of polyclonal antibodies

  • Risk-Free Guarantee: No Antibody, No Cost. Free if the antibody produced does not meet the packaging warranty.

  • With peptide antigen they guarantee ELISA> 1: 32,000 (OD = 1) for that peptide antigen or free.

  • With protein antigen, they guarantee ELISA> 1: 32,000 (OD = 1) and WB positive for protein or free antigen.

  • Low price with fast turnaround: Up to $ 950 for 3-5 mg of affinity purified antibody in just 90 days!

  • One-stop service: From antigen design to peptide synthesis or protein production to antibody production