Working one-on-one with a tutor is an extremely effective and beneficial way to help your child make strong academic progress. It can also be a significant investment of time and money. So, when is it worth it to hire your child a reading tutor? 

The first step in your decision-making should always be "data collection". Find out which reading areas your child needs (or wants). Your children can also give nonsense word test & assessment via Pams Reading tutor in Charlotte.

You can closely monitor your reading habits at home or talk to your class teacher about reading skills. Then use this guide to help decide if now is a good time to hire a teacher.

When is the best time to hire a reading teacher for your child?

After determining what specific reading support your child needs, it is time to decide whether working with a reading teacher is the best way to support your child. Here are some of the best reasons to hire a teacher to work with your child while reading:

• You have specific concerns about your child's reading skills, which can be helped with additional practice and instruction. Often, your child's teacher can help you identify these areas.

• Your child is not receiving adequate reading instruction in regular school lessons.

• Your child asks for additional help with reading.

• Your child is above the reading level and needs additional enrichment and support to develop their skills.

• Your child will benefit from and enjoy working individually with a teacher and may not get as much time together as they need during a typical school day.