Whether it may be contemporary, elegant, elaborate, understated, or traditional, make sure that it should create really great look. Table rentals are the best choice for that.

What are the things that a table rental company offers you?

• Table linen with a luxurious look: To provide a contrasting look to the colorful decorations and flowers of the wedding party, linens should be ivory or white. You can also hire party rentals at www.canwestdisplay.com/services/.

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Most commonly bold-colored, highly patterned linens for wedding tables are preferred and they can be highlighted by placing simple accessories. If there are many wedding tables, instead of using pure white, try to use different shades of cloth with different colors.

• Rose petals and buds: Lavish and sumptuous rose petals or smooth, delicate, and soft hydrangea petals look gorgeous covered across the tables. Table rentals have different collections of buds and petals such as baby rosebuds, preserved rose petals, organza rose petals, freeze-dried petals of a rose, hydrangea petals, etc.

• Table confetti: A subtle strew of table paper can make the wedding party look beautiful. You can create different moods by changing the color and design. The table confetti includes so many varieties such as gold heart, silver heart, gold just married, silver butterfly table paper cuttings, and also purple, lialic, hot pink shades are available with table rentals. These are perfect for strewing on dance floors.