For one reason or another, it is widely believed that certain skin types and skin pigments will not respond to laser hair removal. Two basic laser procedures are currently used, one against pigments and the other against blood. Lasers directed at the blood can work on both light and dark skin and hair. To know more about laser hair removal visit

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Some lasers are better for different skin and hair pigments. Therefore, consulting a doctor before starting treatment can help. In general, all species can receive effective treatment. 

Laser hair removal is permanent

This is a complex misconception. As long as laser hair removal is not permanent, the effect lasts for a long time. Some types of hair removal last up to three months, while others last up to three years. It all depends on the area of the body you are working on and the equipment used. However, in general, the idea that the effect is permanent is wrong.

That treatment lasts forever

The first laser treatment will take relatively longer. This is true because it is the first initial immersion and involves a lot of moving work. However, each treatment will then take less and less time.

Hair grows in different cycles, so when the hair is removed in the first session, another strand of hair can appear invisibly to the surface. The next LINK session took time from the first visit. This also applies if you continue treatment from time to time.