An average household has many items that need regular electric current to function. Others, like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, require periodic recharges. It is hard to imagine life without these devices.

All these devices have an electric cable as their common element. The more devices there are, the greater the number of cables. A bunch of dusty, tangled wires can make a rather ugly sight. If you're not careful, they can cause injury and lead to you falling over them. Wireless charger hidden is a blessing. It can be used to charge multiple devices and operate them all at once.

It is well-known that electromagnetic fields can be used to transfer energy between objects close together, even without the need for connecting them through wires. An electromagnetic field is created around an electric wire when an electric current passes through it.

Instead of using straight wires, you can amplify the magnetic field by using a coil-shaped wire. The magnetic field inducing a current in the secondary coil can be achieved by positioning another coil near the primary coil. This is the basic principle of wireless chargers. The energy is transmitted to a primary coil.

The electromagnetic field that is created by the charging process induces a current in the secondary coil, which then charges the device. Wireless charging is also known as "inductive charging".