Thai food is a cultural heritage that has been passed on to and from generation to generation. Thai food is extraordinary in its combination of taste and nutritional value unlike any other, making this food popular all over the world.

Almost all Thai dishes are prepared with the help of three main herbs: garlic, ginger, and tamarind. You can also order Thai herb kitchen special dishes at Devon.

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Garlic is actually an important ingredient in Thai food and is included in every recipe before the vegetables and meat is fried. It cannot be ignored in chili soups and pastes as well as in spicy salads. These include pickled garlic, plant garlic, and chopped fried garlic for food topping. Garlic has several benefits such as lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, and others.


Marinated ginger makes a great addition to rice and many types of pasta. Ginger and ginger juice, cooked in syrup and mixed with nuts or sweet potatoes, is a delicious dessert. However, ginger is a useful antihistamine.


Thais eat tamarind, fresh leaves, flowers, and legumes like vegetables and seasonings in every part. The content of ripe pods creates a sour taste. People in central Thailand use young pods as an ingredient for making a sour paste. Fresh leaves are used in soup.