Currently, cases of identity theft and fraud due to the theft of sensitive business documents are increasing. Criminal elements are always looking for certain types of documents for their criminal operations. The best way to protect sensitive business documents is to hire a document shredder company. It is imperative for the accounting industry to use these document shredders to effectively and permanently destroy their sensitive accounting documents. You can also avail the services of confidential document destruction via

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Sensitive accounting documents that are vulnerable to crime include accounting reports, bank records – records of deposits and withdrawals, cancelled checks, and other bank-related documents. Other accounting documents that should never fall into the wrong hands are invoices for accounts payable, check applications, personnel files – departmental copies, including benefits information, income information, corporate income tax returns, and correspondence with governments and other outside regulators.

By using a document destruction service, sensitive accounting records undergo an effective fragmentation process that allows your business, whether small, medium or large, to protect your company's sensitive accounting information. Security and confidentiality begin when sensitive documents are in the hands of the company that destroys them.

They take the documents and take them to a safe disposal facility or destroy them on-site using the shredder they carry in their trucks. During on-site demolition, surveillance cameras on the truck provide added security during the demolition process. You can view the destruction of your sensitive documents for your personal review.