Depending on where you live, the winter months can be long, cold, and snowy. Even in milder climates, a large blizzard or ice storm can have a major impact on your business. It is very important to clean your parking lots, aisles, and sidewalks properly so that your customers can access your store.

Whether you run a retail store, movie theater, daycare, church, office building, or other business, professional commercial snow removal in Surrey is necessary to ensure you don't miss out on profits this winter. Fresh snow can be so beautiful. However, snow and ice can be very hazardous as well. They are not only dangerous to drive in, but they can also be extremely dangerous to walk through as well.


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Often pedestrians and motorists cannot see the ice clearly and do not realize this is a problem until an accident occurs. As the owner or manager of a commercial building, you may be held liable for damage to your property. Keep your customers, employees, and yourself safe by hiring professionals to clean ice and snow from your parking lots, alleys, and sidewalks.

Access to your commercial property is critical to making a profit. When your customers can't reach you, they go elsewhere. That's why it's so important to have a clear path to your shop or building, whatever the weather. Professional snow removal is usually done in the morning before you open the shop. This allows the entire property to be properly cleaned before your staff or guests arrive. As potential customers venture out, they will know you are open for business once they see a clear path to your door.