Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent a system from severe damage. A clean heating furnace system can save major bills every month. Annual servicing is affordable and cheap when compared to the high cost of installing a new furnace. You can hire technicians for furnace recondition in Whitby.

Here are some major steps that are performed by technicians before maintenance of a furnace:

  • Shut Down The Unit 

It is essential to cut off the electricity supply before working on any appliance in the house. Just like that, a furnace should also be turned off from the power supply and the fuel shutoff valve that is located next to the incoming oil tank or gas pipe.

  • Cleaning Of Combustion Chamber

If the furnace burns fuel in the production of heat, then the combustion chamber should be cleaned out. Built-up soot can be easily removed with the help of a small wire brush. This process may require vacuum. Before firing-up the unit, you should perform the complete inspection for corrosion holes.

  • Flue Pipe Checking

Entire carbon monoxide produced in the unit is exhausted through the flue pipe. A small hole in the flue can easily draw harmful gases in the home. 

To filter out harmful particles, it is necessary to replace all the filters from time to time.