The Professional Agile Leadership Assessment (PAL) is available to anyone who wants to validate that you are a leader who understands that Agile adds value to your business and why understanding the organization's leadership, sponsorship, and agile practice support becomes more flexible. 

Those who pass the exam receive industry-recognized certificates such as professional agile leadership from Scrum, why flexible team leadership support is critical to achieving organizational flexibility, and what leaders can do to support their teams achieve better results.

Professional Agile Leadership

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While class attendance is not mandatory, attending the Professional Flexible Leadership Skills (PAL-E) course is highly recommended. If you feel you already have an agile level of leadership skills and have a solid understanding of Scrum, you can take a Professional Agile Leadership Assessment class. 

This grade will challenge your thinking. Unless you have a servant leadership attitude and don't want to place a high level of trust in the people you lead, you will likely struggle to pass the Professional Agile Leadership competency. 

An evaluation is available to ensure you understand how the Scrum team can benefit from a leader who reinforces and supports flexible practices and therefore details their questions and the answers required. 

Many of the questions cause the examiner to think or interpret how he or she will handle the scenario and apply his or her own experience along with the PAL-E course content and the Professional Agile Leadership field of study.