There have been many attempts to build hidden wireless charging into tables and desks. However, these require a lot of construction skills that are not worth the effort. Energy plans to change this with its new range of wireless chargers.

The charger can be placed underneath any desk or table and charges your phone directly on the surface. You can purchase efficient under desk wireless charger via

It's also a wireless charger that can be used for long distances, with a range up to 40mm (1.57 inches). This means you don't have to drill holes in your furniture.

It is very simple in concept. energy is similar to a WiFi router that hides under your desk while you use your internet wire-free. It attaches to your desk and hides underneath it, powering all devices within its range. The 'invisible fast wireless charger' is now available on Kickstarter.

It offers Qi wireless charging at 10 Watts for more than 100+ Qi-compatible smartphones, including the flagship Apple and Android models. You can also get it in a nano' model, which has a range of just 15mm. This is ideal for tall and glass tables.

You can mount the charger under your nightstand or table using its adhesive mounting system. Or, you can screw it in place. Smart-detection technology is also included.

This detects when any Qi-equipped smartphone is within the charging range. If any non-Qi phones or coins are detected, the charger will not be in use. Make sure that your phone table or case is not made of metal.