As a project manager, Not to mention how often some well-established plans have to be scrapped to adapt to new developments and unexpected changes. We all agree that planning is a must and trying to eliminate it from the project development process is not an option.

Therefore, the challenge in planning is to adopt and put into practice a set of principles that can help one achieve two very important goals: first, plan with flexibility; and two to ensure the plan supports progress. If you want to opt for professional help for your project planning then you can check this source.

In the world of software development, new concepts and methodologies for project management have been developed and put into practice with great results. 

This methodology, known as agile project management, is an iterative process based on incremental progress. Agile planning helps you achieve more in less time when used properly. 

Here are some principles that will help you plan and achieve your goals more effectively, regardless of your profession or industry.

Plan progress: List all the tasks that need to be completed as much as possible during the project. Then pick a few that can be completed within the next week or a maximum of two. 

Deliver early and often: Based on the previous step, this principle assumes that the to-do list should be designed in such a way that you and your team produce at the end of the sprint. 

Respond to Change: As we already know, change is constant. And attempts to control change are often futile. Treat the change like a surprise guest who shows up without warning: book a room on arrival, not in advance.