Australian immigration is an absolute minefield and going through the application procedure alone is no easy task. In fact, with the knowledge of laws, rules and regulations it is not advised that you miss the help of a professional. There are many dedicated immigration lawyer agencies like Australian Immigration Agency who can help you with the application process.

Here are some steps to find a immigration lawyer:

  • Research

It may feel like you're giving yourself unnecessary homework, but doing a bit of research on the various Perth immigration lawyers whose services you're considering is an essentiality. This is easy enough to do, the internet is vast and any immigration lawyer worth working with will have plenty of positive reviews and success stories for you to read about on their websites.

  •  Relevance

Contact the agency, or research on various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to get a better idea as to how much relevant experience the immigration lawyer has. 

This will give you a clearer indication as to whether or not they are actually qualified to handle your case. There is a great deal of research involved if you do the migration process alone and the risk of making a mistake is also higher. So avail the help of immigration lawyer.