Are you thinking about skydiving? If so and you’re not sure if you should make the move or not, it is good to know that the reasons to skydive outweigh the reasons not to take the plunge. As a matter of fact, the risk is a lot lower than you may think.

Out of every 2 million jumps annually around the world, there are approximately 35 fatalities. These fatalities are usually due to not following procedure. Know that when you learn to skydive, instructors will teach you everything you need to know until you know it well.

That way you reduce your risk of accident significantly. Only a small percentage of accidents and fatalities are not due to failure to follow protocol. If you want to get the best skydiving coaching in Thailand then you can check here.

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You are given an opportunity to face your fears. Sky diving is both frightening and exciting. Once you make the first jump, usually a tandem skydive (harnessed to your instructor), you’ll get a taste for it to do it again and again. There are a number of safety precautions that are taken to ensure your jump is as safe as it can possibly be.

You have a reserve parachute, you’re harnessed to your instructor, a drogue chute that slows you down when in tandem with your instructor, and your auto release device can initiate the chute in the case you approach a certain altitude and you are in free fall mode.

You do obtain bragging rights when you take on this risky activity. You can tell your friends and family about the experience. Considering many people are nervous about such activities, they are fascinated by the stories you tell about your jumps. You may even decide to add video to your skydiving package so that your experience can be documented. Showing a recording to your friends and family allows them to see the experience you had.