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Butterfly pea flower iced tea with a lemon wedge. 

Butter pea is a stunning plant native to Southeast Asia. Butterfly flowers produce a natural blue dye. People have used it as a colourant in food and beverage recipes (including herbal teas) for centuries! 

However, the most impressive feature of this flower is how the colour reacts to acids. For example, if you add lemon juice to your butterfly pea flower tea, the colour will change from dark blue to bright magenta!

Despite these extraordinary properties, butterfly nuts were not known outside of Southeast Asia until recently. But now you will see it everywhere! It's everyone's favourite – from mixologists to food bloggers (like us!). We all look forward to experimenting with this unusual flower.

Pea tea is popular in Southeast Asia and has been around for a long time! At home, people often enjoy herbal teas after dinner. You can also see it as a welcome drink in spas and hotels. The flowers can also add colour to dishes. For example, the chef uses butterfly peas to colour the rice on the plate.

Saturated pea flowers taste like green tea. The taste is good, so dry lemongrass is usually mixed. Additionally, tea recipes often contain honey or sugar.