Enjoying a simple bath is commonplace for most people, but for people with disabilities, it is a major problem that is often fraught with difficulties, embarrassment, and danger. Those with very severe disabilities depend on the help of a caregiver and often can never enjoy long hot baths alone.

A very simple solution for many people with disabilities is to use one of the many types of shower chairs for people with disabilities. You can find all types of disability chairs and equipment at https://www.lisclare.com/showering/showerbuddy.

As with many types of disability, there are different types of chairs specifically designed for different mobility problems. Here are some chairs that are most often used by people with disabilities that can provide privacy and security when bathing.

Folding chair

A simple solution for many people with mild disabilities is a folding chair, which can be mounted to the wall in most bathrooms. Anyone who uses crutches or can move back and forth on a scooter or wheelchair can use this simple chair. It can then be folded up when not in use so that others in the house can use the shower as usual.

Adjustable seat

Another chair that is often used is the chair with adjustable legs, with back and armrests. They are usually made of PVC and aluminum which are strong and will withstand water damage or rust. They can also be folded and wrapped for travel use. They are especially useful when traveling from motel to motel or visiting someone's home for an extended period of time. They take up little space and are very light.