Flowers can be a distinctive decoration for your wedding venue, so why not use alternative things that are no less interesting and beautiful with flowers. Wedding candles are an ideal alternative to wedding decorations. 

They set a soothing tone at the wedding venue. They also make it affordable compared to fabrics and flowers. You can get perfect wedding candles from various web sources.

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There are several types of candles that you can use for your wedding decorations. Some of them are discussed below:

Pillar candles are a perfect choice. Most couples choose to use it based on the luck involved as it is non-flammable. Pillar candles create a stunning effect and create enough light for each table so you don't have to use a lot of candles.

Tea candles are another type of wedding candle that you can use for your room. These candles create a different atmosphere because they create incredible brightness. The tea lamp can be placed on the table. You can also use it to decorate the bathroom.

You can use some votive candles for your wedding services. They give off a lot of light and look attractive even with different patterns and colors. Votive candles are also a great gift for guests.

These candles can indeed cost more than other types of candles, but this is only a first impression. You need to realize that you can save money for the owner, you will realize that the amount is reasonable.