While we might fear the aging process, many of us want to live long enough so that we can enjoy our "golden decades". There is a good chance you have someone you love who has "golden years" left. Your golden years or the golden years of a loved one will most likely be spent on the front porch, playing golf and enjoying with your grandchildren. The aging and disabled in Arizona can bring up a lot of legal issues. An elder law attorney can help you with these issues.

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An elder law attorney, in short, is someone who focuses on legal issues directly affecting the elderly. There are many legal issues that all age groups can face. However, some legal issues are more common among the elderly. Federal benefits, estate planning, and incapacitating a loved one are three of the most common issues the elderly have to face.

In Scottsdale, a majority of people over 65 are eligible for federal programs like Social Security Retirement, Medicare, or Medicaid. An elder law attorney might be able to assist you if you are denied benefits or have difficulty understanding the application process.

In Scottsdale, if you are unable to care for your loved one, you might consider petitioning for conservatorship or guardianship. Unfortunately, in the absence of a court-appointed guardian or conservator, your legal rights may be limited in regards to the care and treatment you provide for your loved one.

Your status as guardian can allow you to take swift action to extricate your loved one from an abusive environment if you suspect maltreatment or abuse. An elder law attorney will help you navigate the process of petitioning to be appointed as a conservator or guardian.