Web development involves many technologies. The web developer's responsibility is to make sure that the client receives a website that does what he expects. Although there are some similarities between web developers and web designers, web designers will not be involved in the actual website code.

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Roles of a Web Developer:

1. Plan The Design And Functionality Of The Website

The web developer usually takes some time before actually writing the code that will make up the site. There is much planning and analysis involved when you sign a contract for a website project. The customer usually requires that the website function in a particular way. The project manager and his development team will need to determine how long it will take.

2.  Create The Business Logic As Specified By The Customer

After the analysis and planning stages are completed, the web developer will begin developing the website. This involves working with both client-side technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS as well as server-side technologies like PHP and.NET. Web developers must be skilled in many technologies to be successful. 

3. Implementing the Web Design

It might seem that the web designer would begin implementing the website after the web developer has finished developing it. Although they may work together, it is often the web developer who implements the web design.

4.Testing, Testing, Testing

The most crucial and often overlooked part of any web development project is testing. The customer could lose a lot of credibility and money if the website is not properly tested before it is released.