Kubernetes is the most sought-after container in the Kubernetes container machine, sometimes abbreviated as okay. This is a full-managed service, disable and accessible that allows you to host applications in containers in the cloud. There are some companies like Kubevious.io that provide the best Kubernetes storage services.

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While Kubernetes is very useful in the world today, it is now very difficult to configure, manage, and maintain production. As a result, the Cloud provider acknowledged this situation and spreading a number of managed Kubernetes services to overcome this problem. In Kubernetes architecture, master and work nodes are controlled by users. 

In Kubernetes managed services, third-party providers manage master nodes and users manage worker nodes. In addition, Kubertnetes manages support and special hosts in a configured environment. Managed solutions do a lot of this configuration for you.

Examples of managed Kubernetes services:

a) Azure Kubernetes (AKS) service

b) Oracle Machine Kubernetes (OK)

What is the Oracle Machine Kubernetes:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Machine For Kubernetes is a full-managed service, can be scaled and can be accessed that allows you to use the application in the container in the Cloud. The container machine for Kubernetes uses Kubernetes, an open-source system that automates using container applications used, scaling, and managing the host cluster.