A duplex development, unlike traditional family homes or apartments, is a great real estate investment. This is due to the added value of a 2-in-1 property. This property gives you a high return on your investment and boosts equity growth. You can also search online to hire the best duplex home builders in Sydney.

What you need to know before knocking down your house and building a duplex

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What's a Duplex?

Duplexes are another name for attached dual occupancy. However, they are single structures that have two living spaces under one roof. It is made up of a common wall, which must be fire-rated, but also has separate entrances, yards, garages, bedrooms, and living spaces. This property is a residential investment property.

Investors who are skilled builders, investors, and who have made duplexes and dual occupancies a favorite investment strategy. There are many reasons why duplexes or dual occupancies are so popular. Continue reading to find out why duplexes are so popular with developers and investors.

Top Motives Why Builders and Investors Are Building Duplexes

Maximum Site Use & Increased Rental Income

Renting a property can earn you rental income. Duplexes can double your rental income. Both dwellings can be rented out to tenants or you can occupy one and rent the other. You can do whatever you want. You are earning income from your real estate investment in any way you want.

Ample outdoor space, separate kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways are also unique selling points. These unique selling points increase the value of duplexes and allow you to make more money. This will ensure that you get the most out of your site.