In spite of the title, Flesh and Blood is an extremely straightforward TCG that doesn't cause you to be covered in bruises or cuts–not in the literal sense or even in the literal sense. The game is about the player battling against their adversaries in a game of power and skill, making use of equipment, skills, and a few basic skills to gain ahead and gain victory. It's a fast-paced game that is based on quick moves and keeping everyone up until someone has the upper hand.

The fundamental format of playing the Flesh and Blood trading card game follows this: you've got one hero and a deck that has at least 60 cards, out of which any card can be played as many times. When you begin an event, you present your hero as well as their equipment to your opponent and then you begin the round. A formal round lasts for 50 minutes. 

flesh and blood tcg

After that, the winner isn't chosen, you take three more turns prior to declaring the draw in the event that the player hasn't yet been killed. The beginning of your life is based on your hero's cards, and your playing area has your hero as well as their weapons in the middle along with additional equipment to the left as well as your graveyard and deck on the left.

It may appear intimidating, but once you've mastered it you can easily pick it up. You can get several sets and decks online to supply you with lots of cards to create your first hero. Then start practicing.

In the match of Flesh and Blood, each player selects one Hero card. Hero cards are categorized by class and/or talent and all cards that are in the player's deck should either be in the same class as the Hero's and/or Talent or be generic cards that are available to all Heroes. Players can also select a Weapon (or 2 "one-hand" weapons) and any other equipment which is revealed before starting the game. This game is fun to play with friends and family.