Perhaps you are wondering why you should update your company website. Your current website may look obsolete in comparison to others, but is a clear and credible website design important? You reluctantly seek out a design company to redesign your website. However, you aren't convinced that new designs will bring in new business. 

A multitude of studies have shown that a well-designed website will bring in more customers and increase conversions. How can something so simple as your website design affect the success of a company? A well-designed web design in Salt Lake City can help you attract the right customer and encourage dialogue with your company.

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These are the few essential components that web designers should remember when creating a website.


Navigation is perhaps the most important aspect of a website. Website navigation can be crucial for a website's success. A navigation bar, or a list of labels, is a common feature on websites that distinguish the pages.

Reading Patterns and SEO

A majority of people feel comfortable reading web pages in the same way as they do reading books, from top to bottom and left to right. This is something web designers must consider when creating a website.

Website design can be a great way for people to find helpful tips and best practices. Customers will continue to return to your website and do business with you if it is well-designed and managed.